Andrew Zey

Software Engineer & Classical Pianist

Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm passionate about building a better world through technology, classical music, and fitness.

  1. Hack Reactor Weeks 4 & 5 - Completing the Stack

    The last couple of weeks have been the best ones yet, but have also been the hardest. In Week 4, we focused exclusively on server-side development using Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, and a couple different ORMS. Week 5 followed up with having us build an authentication system, learn Angular…

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  2. Hack Reactor Week 3 - MVC, Backbone, and CoffeeScript

    It's hard to believe that another week has already gone by! This was the first week we stepped out of javascript and computer science fundamentals, and really started thinking about application development. The week kicked off with a simple jQuery AJAX chat client to get us to understand the whoes…

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  3. jQuery AJAX Browser App - Importance of Separation of Concerns

    Today we finished the first sprint of the week which focused on using AJAX and jQuery to build a basic chat application. We used a restful Parse server as the backend to our client-side implementation of a chat application built entirely in jQuery. Our chat app had multiple rooms, which…

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  4. Hack Reactor Weeks 1 & 2: JS Basics, Data Structures, Inheritance, Recursion, D3

    It's hard to believe Weeks 1 and 2 are over now. I've completely lost my sense of time. It feels like I've either been here only a couple days, or several months - but definitely not 2 weeks! Much to my surprise, each day goes by extremely quickly, and I'm…

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  5. Hack Reactor Week 0: Getting Ready

    Today is Sunday, and I’m staring out at the San Francisco skyline from my brother’s 7th floor apartment. I can’t believe that Hack Reactor, the 3-month 9am-8pm 6 days/week programming bootcamp, begins tomorrow! For the last few weeks, I’ve been walking a fine line between…

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  6. How to Practice Piano Efficiently

    How many times have you sat down at the piano, and have no idea where to begin your practice? You may be surprised to find out that this questions is common, even amongst music students and professional musicians. Here is a forum post that typifies the problem: I'm majoring in…

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